Who Needs colon hydrotherapy?

Nearly all of us! The average person is carrying from 5 to 30 pounds of dried up fecal matter
impacted in the colon as a result of eating (white flour, meat, fat, dairy products, sugar,
alcohol, processed foods and preservatives) plus erratic eating habits and improper food
combining. It is safe to say that anyone who has been on a Basic American Diet (B.A.D.)
will benefit from periodic internal cleansing, especially if you live in an urban area, where
pollutants are high.

Surprisingly, healthy elimination should be within one to two hours after eating. If you eat
three meals a day you should move your bowels accordingly. Bowel movements once a day,
or every two or three days is not normal and it is insufficient to maintain health. Foul
smelling stool and gas are also danger signs. The healthy color of your stool is golden brown
and has minimal odor. During constipation, you may observe a darkening of the stool. This
is caused by longer transit time in your system with residues lying in your colon for more
than 12 hours. The result is that the colon will distribute the poisons into the bloodstream
causing toxemia or auto intoxication (self-poisoning).

We indulge in daily routines and they are direct causes of constipation. There are three
habits working against Mother Nature. First, is eating refined and processed foods. They do
not provide quality energy to our cellular structure and to the organs responsible for the
elimination of waste matter. Second, is neglecting to stop everything we are doing to answer
the call of nature. Third is not drinking enough water. We should drink enough water to
equal half our weight in ounces daily, one half hour before meals or two hours after eating-
not during meals- or digestive juice become diluted.

A toxic bowel is the source of many health problems. Colon cleansing is a valuable
procedure that activates the body’s self-healing processes thereby allowing a more efficient
means of waste elimination and nutrient absorption. Both are essential to any lasting
rejuvenation process. This is also the first step toward normalizing the colon so that the
friendly bacteria can return to keep the colon safe from putrefaction.

What kind of equipment is used?

At my facility I proudly use the HYDRO-SAN PLUS, an exceptional, state-of-the-art and
FDA-approved colon therapy unit. This equipment includes a sophisticated water
purification system, individual pre-sterilized disposable tubing, speculums and a lighted
viewing chamber (tube). These disposables are used only once during a single therapy
session. Properly administered, there is absolutely no danger of contamination. Since this is
a closed system, there is no offensive odor and after each treatment, the unit is thoroughly
cleanse, disinfected and sanitizes after each use.

How do I prepare for a Colonic?

The simples way is to refrain from eating or drinking for 2 hours prior to your treatment. For
those who want to do a more involve preparation, others options such as juicing, fasting or
an herbal cleansing program can be helpful. Anything you do to put your body in a cleansing
mode can be beneficial but not essential. If you haven’t begun any special preparation and
are confused as to where to start then just do the simple preparation and come in for your
first colonic and we will discuss the many options for deeper cleansing. Other than that,
keep breathing, relax as best you can and keep a positive, upbeat attitude. Remember,
Coming in for your first colonic can be a little scary. We all went through that. You will do
great and remember the gift you are offering to your body is profound!

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