Massage Therapy :

The Massage Therapist :  combining the skills of massage with anatomical knowledge
and personal care, massage therapist can deal with a wide range of problems. They are
often called upon to soothe and relax patients before and after surgery or other medical
What does a massage therapist do ?
The therapeutic masseuse,or massage therapist is trained to give a general purpose ,whole-
body massage that is tailored to the individual needs of the client.

strain, fibrositis, acute and chronic pain, and some kinds of back pain , to the effects of
stress ,anxiety and emotional problems. The essence of therapeutic massage is to achieve
deep relaxation of the whole body,which promotes self-healing in general.

Therapeutic Massage: massage is the use of manual techniques to achieve or increase
health and well-being. Massage therapy encompasses a wide variety of techniques based
on methods that have been around for thousands of years. All use touch to help the body
heal itself. Massage has been proven to lower blood pressure,reduce mental stress and
anxiety etc..scientific research has concluded that massage therapy has an impressive
range on physical,mental and emotional benefits.

Swedish massage - $65/hour, $45/half-hour, $95/hour and half
A light to medium pressure therapeutic massage,is use to promote general relaxation,
improve circulation,increase range of motion and relieve muscle pain and tension.

Deep tissue or neuromuscular therapy-$75/hour, $55/half-hour, $115/hour and half -
this form of massage uses greater pressure and works on deeper layers of muscle than
Swedish massage does. Deep tissue massage is used to relieve chronic patterns of
muscular pain and tension. Neuromuscular massage is a form of deep massage applied to
specific individual muscles,often used to reduce pain,it increases blood flow,releases trigger
points and relieves pressure on nerves caused by soft tissues.

Reflexology uses specific points on the hands and feet to relieve pain and tension.
These “zones” on the hands and feet are related to specific organs.
Reflexology is used to treat a variety of disorders.


A swedish massage using aromatic oils selected just for you.
This incorporates the therapeutic power of touch while allowing absorption of the oils by
blood capillaries close to the surface of the skin,immersing the whole body in the oil’s

Massage is healthful, enjoyable and is a wonderful way to relax,increase your energy and
flexibility during a normal pregnancy,regular massage during your pregnancy and
postpartum weeks can relieve your physical symptoms and can help with many of the aches
and pains you experience as your body changes during pregnancy

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