What is the procedure for colon hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy is given in a clean, comfortable, relaxing environment and is not a
painful experience.  

During the treatment you are lying comfortably on a plush massage table, propped up and
covered at all times.

The water coming in to the body enters so gently that you can hardly feel it. The water
flows into the colon via a small water tube, During the fill cycle you may feel a little
rumbling in your tummy or gassy or crampy or you may feel relaxed and peaceful. As the
water flows out of the colon and  through the evacuation tube carrying with it impacted
feces and mucous, the practitioner gently massages the abdomen to help the colon release
its contents or to promote peristalsis and focus on deep relaxed breathing. Several fills and
releases are administered during one session, which last approximately 45 minutes.

It is possible to see this expelled waste matter when it passes through a special lighted
viewing tube. Many of our clients report that the most relaxing time of their entire week is
when they come in for their colonic. Whatever you are feeling during your treatment is
perfect. Any sensations are signs that the water is doing its job of loosening and softening
accumulated waste in the colon. Remember, the colon is a muscular system and moves
waste out of the body by a series of muscular contractions known as peristaltic action.

When you feel crampy during a colonic treatment your colon is getting ready to move waste
out of the body. The crampiness may feel a bit uncomfortable but it is a sign that the colon
is doing exactly what we want it to do and that is to move waste out.
People with a history of constipation have, for whatever reason, lost some or all of their
peristaltic action. Our job as therapist is to help the muscular system of the colon regain
ability to contract which makes for regular, easy bowel movements.

How much of the intestines are actually cleansed during a colon
hydrotherapy session?

During a treatment it is possible for a professional colon therapist to cleanse the entire
length of the colon. The small intestine is not directly cleansed by the water of a colonic
because of the presence of the ileo-cecal valve. The ileo-cecal valve is a one-way valve
which does not allow water or waste to pass from the large intestine back to the small
intestine. Although we do find that some waste from the small intestine will release during
colonic, to specifically address cleansing the small intestine may be cleansed with an oral
form (herb-based) intestinal cleanser, is necessary. Talk to us for more details.

How many colonics are needed?

This will vary with each individual, most clients need more than one session. It  usually
takes a series of colonics before old fecal matter dislodges. Some people may not have
startling results for the first few treatments. Each client is individually assessed based on the
information shared at the first visit. His/her progress is carefully evaluated to determine if
and when more sessions are needed.
I would recommend a minimum of three colonic treatments.  These treatments should be
taken close together, if possible over the course of one to two weeks. Treatment should be
repeated once or twice a year as maintenance. The first session will last approximately 1hr
30 minutes. There will be a health questionnaire form to complete and discussion of the
client‘s eating habits, lifestyle, etc. and the colon hydrotherapy session. Thereafter, each
(CH) session is approximately 1hr. We often suggest that the client use a supplement of
friendly flora (probiotics) in conjunction with the treatment series. We may also recommend
other supplements such as fiber, enzymes, omega 3 oils, or a specific cleansing program to
support you in your unique health journey.

Why Colon Hygiene?

Remember: your colon is your sewage system. Neglect it, abuse it and it becomes a
cesspool. The result… the colon will distribute poisons of decay, fermentation and
putrefaction throughout the body. Because of this you might experience different symptoms
and many health problems.

*Colonics are a Gift you give to your Body and “A Healthy Colon is A Healthy Body”*   

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