Give the gift of health
  • One Session  $ 75
  • Three Sessions $195
  • Six Sessions  $375
“It is a revolutionary way to
re-balance, re-energize and
detoxify the body”

What is in the water?    How does this work?

The  highly concentrated ion field in the ionic Spa water is a
conductive medium that will gradually attracts toxic particles
towards the feet, which has 2000 pores each.  Essentially, the
ionic Spa functions as a magnet that helps your body to detoxify
by attracting toxins.  Toxic Particles exit the body through skin
pores by osmosis to where they are neutralized and trapped in a
charged bath of water.  The ionic Spa is care for the immune

Ionizes water:  
Positive ions makes the water acidic, helps hydration, kills
bacteria and fungus on contact, soothes nerves, and is used as a

Negative ions makes the water alkaline, stimulates nerves,
increase blood circulation, and softens tissues.
Ionic Foot Bath
  • 1 Colonic & 1 Foot Bath  $95
  • 2 Foot Bath  $65
  • 2 1-hour Massage $110
  • 2 Colonics $130
Limited Time Offer

Professional Therapeutic Care Center, LLC
Holistic Medicine, Colon Cleansing, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Massage
Mariel L. Torres,AP.,CT.,LMT
Doctor Of Oriental Medicine                Acupuncture Physician           Licensed Colon Therapist